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YouTube is a great resource for videos, but the problem is that people upload anything and everything, and it is often difficult to find just what you want. Here I am listing some of the gems I’ve found on YouTube so far, presented within topic playlists. These playlists will be updated on an ongoing basis. If you would like to suggest videos to include, please contact me.

magne f videos

official videos  Official Videos

Magne’s official solo music videos:
Dragonfly (2001) | | Past Perfect Future Tense (2004) | | Kryptonite (2005)

live videos  Live Videos

Magne’s live solo performances, including:
Cobden Club (2005) | | Notting Hill Arts Club (2004) | | Various

in the media - art  In the Media – Art

Magne’s appearances in the media, and features related to his art.
Art of Glass (2003?) | | Great Art Vase (2003) | | Porsgrunn Kunstforening (2008)

in the media - music  In the Media – Music

Magne’s appearances and performances in the media, related to his solo music.
HitAwards (2001) | | Never Mind the Buzzcocks (2007) | | Lydverket (2008)

fan videos  Fan Videos

Fan videos created about Magne, his projects or his music. Highlights:
A Dot of Black (2008) | | Anticlimax (2008) | | A Dot of Mags (2009)

apparatjik videos

apparatjik official videos  Official Videos

Apparatjik’s official videos are available on their YouTube Channel.
Electric Eye (2009) | | Antlers (2009) | | Supersonic Sound (2010)

apparatjik in the media  In the Media

Apparatjik’s appearances and performances in the media. Highlights:
Interview in Berlin (2010) | | Go With The Flø (2010) | | RBB Television / Berlin (2011)

apparatjik live  Live Playlists

Live performances by Apparatjik. [See all playlists]
CTM Berlin (2010) | | Frankfurt Summit (2011) | | Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin (2011)

apparatjik presents lowell videos

apparatjik presents lowell official videos  Official Videos

Apparatjik Presents Lowell official videos are available on Lowell’s YouTube Channel. Highlights:
Shake Him Off (2012) | | Kids (2012) | | The Birds (2012)

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