Ti Kniver I Hjertet

Ti kniver i hjertet

Artist: Timbersound / Magne Furuholmen & Kjetil Bjerkestrand
Released: July 1994
Last Updated: August 16, 2014

This is the soundtrack album for the 1994 film “Ti Kniver I Hjertet” (Ten Knives In The Heart). Click the track name to hear a 30 second song sample.


01. Ti Kniver I Hjertet (Ottos Tema) (4:39)
02. Guttestreker (0:49)
03. Dialog (1:51)
04. Barneselskap (Lyckliga Gatan) (2:51)
05. Blindebukk (1:37)
06. Vaktmester Wiik (2:42)
07. Farvel Til Johnny (0:43)
08. När Jag För Mig Själv I Mörka Skogen Gär (Jussi Bjorling) (2:45)
09. Ottos Tema (1:46)
10. Styrkeproven (1:09)
11. Den Blinde Pianostemmeren (2:19)
12. Far Og Sonn (1:52)
13. Tonerna (Jussi Bjorling) (3:17)
14. Dialog II (1:40)
15. Gjensyn Med Johnny (1:07)
16. Otto I Regnet (0:59)
17. Franks Tema (1:58)
18. Lyckliga Gatan (Anna Lena Lofgren) (3:35)
19. Tjernet (2:31)
20. Avslutningstema (2:32)
21. Bla Bakgard (0:42)



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Excerpted facts from a-ha Diary about Ti “Kniver I Hjertet”:

  • 08/04/1994 – Magne and Kjetil Bjerkestrand are interviewed by Norwegian press at Warner’s office in Oslo about the film music they have written for “Ti kniver i hjertet” (“Ten Knives In The Heart”).
  • 08/05/1994 – Marius Holst’s film “Ti kniver i hjertet” has its premiere at the Sagakino in Oslo which is attended by Magne, Marius Holst and also by Pål and Lauren. Early on in the filming, Marius Holst made contact with Magne and asked him to write the music for the whole film. Magne and Kjetil Bjerkestrand worked together as “Timbersound” on creating atmospherical songs to fit the film. The soundtrack album has 21 tracks which are mostly instrumental. Artists appearing on the album include Anna Lena Lofgren and the late opera tenor Jussi Bjørling. On the same day, “Dagbladet” features a cover story on the collaboration between Magne, Kjetil Bjerkestrand and Marius Holst.
  • 08/27/1994 – At the Maritim Hall in Haugesund, the “Amandashow” takes place and opens the Haugesund film festival. Magne and Kjetil Bjerkestrand as “Timbersound” perform the song “Ti kniver i hjertet” live. Magne plays guitar and they are accompanied by six musicians.