The Venue

Edinburgh 2004

Date: November 8, 2004
Location: The Venue, Edinburgh, UK

In conjunction with the opening of his ‘Payne’s Gray’ exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers, Magne and his band played a gig at The Venue in Edinburgh.


Past perfect future tense
You don’t have to change
2CU shine
Envelop me
All the time
A friend like me
No one gets me but you
Nothing here to hold you
Never sweeter

Little angels
Kryptonite (again)

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My review of the concert is posted on here. A couple of excerpts:

As soon as I heard Past Perfect Future Tense, I knew I had to see Magne’s band live. The songs are so personal, so honest, that I felt sure the live experience would be well worth the trip. I also wanted to support Magne’s solo efforts in any way I could – by buying the album, visiting his print exhibit and being physically there, part of the crowd, at one of his shows.


Magne’s own words went a long way to convince me to go. “I listen to people I believe in, and in turn, the fact that somebody believes in me when I take risks is important to me – it is some kind of validation, or at least acceptance, and it spurs me to do more.”


So, backed by this amazing band, Magne played and sang his heart out. He gave the impression of being both grateful for the audience, and very confident that his music had value. I’m sure the performance would have been the same had there been five people or five thousand people.