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Smart Urban Stage

Smart Urban Stage

Magne was one of the judges in the smart urban stage competition to choose the international smart future minds award winner.


During this workshop, Magne and Jonas Bjerre collaborated with participants to create new objects from dismissed Smart car parts. This project was in collaboration with Some Magazine.


In addition to the Light Space Modulator performance at Strelka, Magne, Jonas and Martin participated in a workshop.

Globe Mini-Summit

Apparatjik participated in a three day mini-summit as part of ‘Globe: Art, Music and Performance in the Deutsche Bank Towers’.


Alphabets – A miscellany of letters

Magne is one of the artists whose works are included in this 240-page book published by Black Dog Publishing, is a collection of examples of Western alphabets in use.


Magne designed the reflectors used in an annual national Norwegian safety initiative. The reflector is in the shape of a light bulb.


‘Pakket og klar’ Interview

There was an extensive portrait of Magne in the Saturday ‘Magasinet’ section of Dagbladet. Promo for the interview said, “An open Magne Furuholmen talks about life after a-ha and his serious illness.”


Magne opened an exhibition of works from ‘Alpha Beta’ at Nils Aas Kunstverksted on the same day that SoddJazz 2010 opened with a concert by the Trygve Seim/Frode Haltli duo.


Umsteiger Berlin

Date: April 29, 2010 Location: Friedrichstrasse 149, Berlin, Germany Last Updated: August, 16, 2014 This commissioned work of foil on glass is on permanent display and features a motif of English anagrams based…

Alpha Beta

This Magne F portfolio ‘Alpha-Beta’ is published by Paul Stolper and consists of 30 individual prints – one for every letter in the alphabet, including the 3 specifically Norwegian characters æ, ø, å, and an exclamation mark.

Keyboard Player

Keyboard Player Interview

In connection with a-ha’s UK promotion of ‘Foot of the Mountain’, Magne was featured in Keyboard Player Issue 0340. It is possible to order a digital copy of the article or a physical copy of the entire magazine.

Multi Magne

‘Multi-Magne’ Interview

Dagbladet interviewed Magne at BØLGEN & MOI restaurant in Tjuvholmen, where they discussed a-ha’s ninth studio album, art, Magne’s health and more. At the time of the interview, Magne had recently finished desgining various interior elements for the cafe, including the ‘Confusion’ installation.


Magne designed several of the permanent decorative elements in the BØLGEN & MOI restaurant in Tjuvholmen, including a white tile wall covered with black painted letters from the word ‘confusion’ in various configurations. He also created the designs on the glass windows of the restaurant.


This collection is marked by a return to color after several years of monochrome palettes. The key piece is a diptych entitled “Orpheus & Eurydice”, two paintings on hospital sheets; the oak frame is decorated with gold leaf.

On stage with Jason Mraz

Magne performed ‘A Beautiful Mess’ and ‘I’m Yours’ with singer Jason Mraz at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert at Oslo’s Spektrum Arena.

On stage with Coldplay

As a special guest at a Coldplay concert at the Spektrum in Oslo, Magne performed ‘Hunting High and Low’ with Chris Martin.

Kryptonite - Lydverket

‘Kryptonite’ Acoustic Video

Magne performed an acoustic version of ‘Kryptonite’ as part of an interview/television segment he did with Lydverket. This was a promotion for his appearance at Hovefestivalen on June 25, 2008.


In addition to his concert at Hove Festivalen, Magne also had an audio installation around the festival grounds. Visitors were given headphones to listen at eight different audio stations.

Hove Festival

Magne performed a concert at the Tent stage at Hovefestivalen, which to date was his last solo concert. He also participated in the festival in the form of an audio installation called ‘Transmutation’.

Royal Albert Hall

In January 2008, there was an announcement on a-ha.com of a triple solo concert – Morten, Magne and Savoy – at Royal Albert Hall in London. There was also a hint that some new a-ha material might be previewed at the concert.

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