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Smart Urban Stage

Smart Urban Stage

Magne was one of the judges in the smart urban stage competition to choose the international smart future minds award winner.

Deutsche Bank Towers Video Playlist

A playlist of videos recorded at Apparatjik’s performance during the opening ceremony of the new Deutsche Bank towers in Frankfurt.

Deutsche Bank Towers Opening Ceremony

Apparatjik performed during the opening ceremony of the new Deutsche Bank Towers inside a 3×3 metre cube situated in the center of the foyer, on which video images were projected.

Globe Mini-Summit

Apparatjik participated in a three day mini-summit as part of ‘Globe: Art, Music and Performance in the Deutsche Bank Towers’.

Globe Mini-Summit Video Playlist

Performance and talk by Apparatjik at Mini Summit at Globe, Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt on 2-4 March 2-4 2011.

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