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Magne wrote a unique piece of music for ‘Desibel’, the largest mobile horn system, which was performed as the opening fanfare for the 2012 Go With The Flø Festival. The music is a ‘collage of sounds’, and includes audio recorded at a local dockyard and a local farm.

Go with the Flø 2012

Magne performed with British musician Robyn Hitchcock during the Go With The Flø Festival.

Go With The Flo

Go with the Flø 2010

Apparatjik’s second concert ever was performed in the former Flø schoolhouse, as part of ‘Go with the Flø’, an Studio Opdal annual event.


This collection is marked by a return to color after several years of monochrome palettes. The key piece is a diptych entitled “Orpheus & Eurydice”, two paintings on hospital sheets; the oak frame is decorated with gold leaf.


‘ANTICLIMAX’ features prints of aluminium and black pigment on paper as well as an installation of unique temporary sculptures in snow and ice covered in aluminium. As the snow and ice melt, the changing pieces mirror the effects of global warming. (Hydro)

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