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‘Beatles’ Movie

Magne has agreed to compose the original score as well as supervise the recordings of other music for the upcoming film “Beatles” produced by Norwegian production company Storm Rosenberg. The news that the film is allowed to use original recordings by the Beatles has already given it international attention.


The song ‘Ferreting’, is included on the Bruce Perry ‘Amazon’ series soundtrack album, Songs for Survival. Includes an audio song sample.

Thor Heyerdahl

Thor Heyerdahl – På jakt etter paradiset

Magne and Nils Petter Molvær collaborated to write original music to accompany a four-part NRK documentary about Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. The documentary was released on DVD in 2009.


Soundtrack music for the film ‘Dragonfly’ (Øyenstikker). Includes audio song samples.

Dragonfly Video

‘Dragonfly’ Official Video

Magne released the EP-single ‘Dragonfly’ (Oyenstikker) in Norway on September 17, 2001; the EP also features soundtrack music for the film of the same title.

Dragonfly Hitawards

‘Dragonfly’ performed at HitAwards

Magne was asked to perform his new single ‘Dragonfly’ at the annual HitAwards ceremony in Oslo, after Savoy – who were originally scheduled to perform – could not get out of New York…


Soundtrack to Karin Julsrud’s Norwegian horror movie ‘1732 Høtten’ (Bloody Angels). Includes audio song samples.

Hotel Oslo

Soundtrack album to the TV-movie shown in Scandinavia during Jan-Feb 1997. Includes audio song samples.

Ti Kniver

Ti Kniver I Hjertet

Soundtrack album for the film ‘Ti Kniver I Hjertet’ (Ten Knives In The Heart). Includes audio song samples.

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