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Umsteiger Berlin

Date: April 29, 2010 Location: Friedrichstrasse 149, Berlin, Germany Last Updated: August, 16, 2014 This commissioned work of foil on glass is on permanent display and features a motif of English anagrams based…


Magne and Ute Meta Bauer facilitated a workshop at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art which focused on the concept of puppets.

Alpha Beta

This Magne F portfolio ‘Alpha-Beta’ is published by Paul Stolper and consists of 30 individual prints – one for every letter in the alphabet, including the 3 specifically Norwegian characters æ, ø, å, and an exclamation mark.


Magne designed several of the permanent decorative elements in the BØLGEN & MOI restaurant in Tjuvholmen, including a white tile wall covered with black painted letters from the word ‘confusion’ in various configurations. He also created the designs on the glass windows of the restaurant.


This collection is marked by a return to color after several years of monochrome palettes. The key piece is a diptych entitled “Orpheus & Eurydice”, two paintings on hospital sheets; the oak frame is decorated with gold leaf.


In addition to works from ‘Monologues’, Magne’s exhibition at Porsgrunn included 200 hand-painted tiles with words and letters, which were rearranged in a new configuration for display in the gallery. Visitors could buy a tile straight from the wall.


‘ANTICLIMAX’ features prints of aluminium and black pigment on paper as well as an installation of unique temporary sculptures in snow and ice covered in aluminium. As the snow and ice melt, the changing pieces mirror the effects of global warming. (Hydro)

Solo album painting performance

Magne’s second solo album was first offered as a limited edition of 300, the covers hand painted as part of a large canvas and dismantled into its parts – all of which was streamed on the web.

A Dot of Black in the Blue of Your Bliss

Magne’s second full solo album, recorded in the south of France in June and September 2007. Includes full lyrics and audio song samples.


Magne was commissioned by Hydro to create a sculpture for the Nobel Peace Center, and the result was a reclaimed aluminum work, ‘Climax’. The sculpture was unveiled by Nobel Prize Award winners Al Gore and Rajendra Kumar Pachauri on December 11, 2007.


Magne is one of thirteen international artists who were commissioned to create sound sculptures inspired and in direct collaboration with a series of visual works at the museum.


A continuation of his earlier work, ‘Monologues’ included prints, paintings, music and poetry. The exhibition took place in both London and Asker, Norway.

Gap Hanoi

Magne participated in a workshop over several days with students from the Hanoi University of Fine Art, which culminated in an exhibition opened by HM Queen Sonja of Norway.

Past Perfect Future Tense

Magne’s first full solo album, released in conjunction with an exhibition and a book titled Payne’s Gray. Includes full lyrics and audio song samples.

Payne's Gray

Payne’s Gray Book

The book Payne’s Gray was published in conjunction with Magne’s Payne’s Gray exhibiton and the Past Perfect Future Tense album release.

Payne’s Gray Art

In September 2004, Magne opened an exhibition called ‘Payne’s Gray’, which coincided with the publication of a book by the same name, and an album and tour to support the ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ album.

Money tree

Various Norwegian artists participated in a project to decorate a Christmas tree for each day in December leading up to Christmas Eve, in a public space outside Oslo Sentralbanestasjon – Oslo’s main railway station. Magne had the honor of decorating the first tree, on December 1, and used his commission fee to create the decorations.


Magne was asked by the Posten, Norwegian postal service, to create an artist-stamp for release in February 2011. He was the youngest artist ever to be represented by an official Norwegian stamp.

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