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Apparatjik Comic

Apparatjik Comic Book

Previously included in the Apparatjik iPad Magazine, the 6 page Apparatjik comic book drawn by Mike Perkins was included in the Sidekick supplement of Comic Heroes Magazine.


Rudolph the Chrome Nosed Reindeer

In connection with the ‘Under Stor Press’ print exhibition in Sweden, Yamaparts displayed motorcycles transformed into art by several artists at an exhibition called ‘Underhojar’. One of the motorcycles was done by Apparatjik.

Apparatjik World

Apparatjik World Issue B

Apparatjik released a second iPad magazine App for free download in iTunes to coincide with the release of ‘Square Peg In A Round Hole’ and the conclusion of the ‘Everyone is one bar’ project.

Square Peg In A Round Hole

The second full-length album by Apparatjik had a soft release on 11/11/11 as part of an iPad magazine called ‘Apparatjik World – Issue A’, and then had a traditional release in February 2012.

'Time Police' video

‘Time Police’ Official Video

“Time Police” taken from the new Apparatjik album “Square Peg In A Round Hole” available 21.02.2012 from http://apparatjik.com. Filmed at NNG, Berlin in March 2011.

Apparatjik World

Apparatjik World Issue A

Apparatjik has released a magazine for the iPad, which contains performance videos, photos, fan art, interview clips, links to external press, interactive games – and a brand new full-length Apparatjik album!

Apparatjik World – 11.11.11

To launch their new iPad Magazine ‘Apparatjik World Issue A’, Apparatjik held a day-long workshop at Kensaltown Studios in London. The event was sponsored by Apparatjik, Bowers & Wilkins, Apple, Moods of Norway and Aspire Design Studios.

Apparatjik Graz

Graz Video Playlist

A playlist of videos recorded at Apparatjik’s performance at the Steirischer Herbst Festival of New Art in Graz, Austria on October 15, 2011.

Apparatjik Graz

Steirischer Herbst Festival of New Art

Together with Magne and Jonas of Apparatjik were Tobias Wilner (vocals) and Bo Rande (trumpet) from the Danish band Blue Foundation.

‘Snow Crystals’ Official Video

Official music video for ‘Snow Crystals’, from Apparatjik’s debut album “We Are Here”.

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