Shed 13

Shed 13

Date: September 22, 2011
Location: Tjuvholmen, Shed 13, Oslo, Norway
Last Updated: October 5, 2013

Stolper + Friends unveiled the ‘Shed 13’ project in Oslo, in which a large warehouse in Tjuvholmen was covered on two sides by six huge butterflies made by Damien Hirst.

There was a press release about the project on Stolper + Friends Facebook Page:

– SHED 13 presents DAMIEN HIRST – Butterflies at Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Thursday 22nd September, 2011 will see the unveiling Damien Hirst’s butterflies on SHED 13 at Tjuvholmen. Oslo. To coincide with the launch of new Oslo gallery STOLPER+FRIENDS, and its inaugural exhibition, ‘The Souls’, Damien Hirst has realized a grand outdoor project, to cover Shed 13 in 6 giant butterflies. SHED 13, a huge and dominant warehouse building in the heart of Oslo’s thriving Tjuvholmen district, will thus be transformed into a spectacular outdoor platform for international art.

This first project takes 6 of the butterflies featured in Hirst’s ‘Souls’ project and enlarges them to impressive super-sized proportions, as if 6 butterflies have taken flight from the gallery space and settled onto SHED 13. Measuring more than 6 metres and printed on vinyl-foil, they cover both the north and west facades of Shed 13.

Illuminated at night, both passers-by and Tjuvholmen residents and visitors will be able to enjoy this spectacular display of colour both day and night. Tjuvholmen with its large selection of restaurants and galleries has become an important destination for art and culture, and SHED 13 – due for removal in 2014 after work is completed on the Tjuvholmen redevelopment, offers an opportunity to display sensational large-scale imagery on an outdoor facade.

STOLPER+FRIENDS gallery opened on September 1st to great success with Damien Hirst ‘The Souls’, which runs until October 2 and offers a rare opportunity to view a truly stunning collection of Hirst’s prints and paintings. Magne Furuholmen, Director, Stolper & Friends, & co-curator of Shed 13, says, “Shed 13 is the perfect space to make temporary statements of different kinds on a grand scale. We hope this Hirst project is the first of many, from exciting artists from around the world and the other galleries in the area.”

SHED 13 was made possible through collaborative support from:

Oslo Muncipality, Oslo Port Authority, Tjuvholmen Development AS, Tjuvholmen Trade Quarterly, Damien Hirst and Stolper + Friends

Photo: Stolper + Friends

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