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Sex cells

Date: July 1-7, 2013
Location: Stolper + Friends, Tjuvholmen, Oslo, Norway
Last Updated: November 29, 2020

During the week of July 1, Lowell is holding a workshop at Stolper + Friends gallery in Oslo. The week’s event started off with collaborative performances by Lowell, Robyn Hitchcock and Norwegian indie rock band I Was A King. Lowell will spend the rest of the week in residence at the gallery:

Stolper+Friends gallery invites innovative Canadian musician and visual artist Lowell for a weeks workshop. The artist will work with sound and visual elements to create a progressive installation that evolves throughout the duration the project.

The installation will build as the artist loops one new sound for each new day and plays this progressive loop for an extended period. The artists envisages that every time a new sound is looped into the pedal, it will create an entirely new emotion jumping from eerie, to serene, to ecstatic, all within one tone. Throughout the week the artist will also work with drawings and projections that together with the sound loops will create a multi-dimensional piece. By the seventh day, there will be many loops and Lowell will perform a song from there.

Visitors are welcome in to the gallery space to experience the work in progress.

On Tuesday, July 2, Lowell posted a video on her Facebook page giving a tour of the gallery, including her paintings on the walls and in progress, as well as the live performance space.

Various people have been at the gallery working with Lowell during the week, including Magne.

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Photos by Yaman Konuralp on the artandotherimages blog (including Magne doing a sound check)

Photos courtesy of Eve Desianto:

Lowell - sex sells

Lowell - sex sells

Lowell - sex sells


Lowell is uploading audio from her 2-hour jam session with Magne over on SoundCloud. The first installment was posted on July 17 (10:02):

Part 2 posted on July 18 (11:29):

Part 3 posted on July 22 (18:00):

Part 4 posted on July 25 (23:18):

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