Palace Grill

Palace Grill

Dates: May 5-7 and June 24, 2008
Location: Palace Grill, Oslo, Norway
Last Updated: August 16, 2014

Prior to the triple solo concerts in Oslo and London in May 2008, Magne had three quietly announced ‘warm up’ concerts at the tiny but cozy Palace Grill in Oslo. He also did a warm up concert for Hove Festival there in June 2008.


This is the setlist for June 24:

A dot of black
The longest night
Running out of reasons
All the time
Don’t do me any favours
More than good enough
Come back
The summers of our youth

Photo: CaterinaQ

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There was an article in Oslopuls about the May Palace Grill concerts, titled “First stop on the way to Royal Albert Hall”, but unfortunately it is not available online anymore. However Jakob translated it and posted the English text on West of the Moon and on

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