No one gets me but you

Everybody says I’m too tightly wired
Everyone thinks I’m too high strung
Everyone knows what I should do
but no one gets me

Everyone’s afraid of missing the action
Everybody wants their lives to be touched
Everybody wants to get it together
but no one gets me

Everybody has you over for dinner
but no-one really stays in touch
Everyone knows that less is more
but we all want it too much

Everybody says what’s on their mind
but no-one really thinks it through
Everyone feels they know what I need
but no one gets me but U

Everybody knows the game is rigged
Everyone say it’s a curse
Everyone the asking price
but never what it’s worth

Everyone has too much on their plate
Everyone argues their fate
Everyone knows it’s worth their while
but no one wants to wait

Everybody’s taking it to the streets
but no one brings it home
Everybody needs a helping hand
cuz nobody walks it alone

Everybody plays to win
cuz nobody likes to lose
Everyone knows what I must to do
but no one gets me but U

Every dreamer needs a doer to get things
Every Paul needs a Yoko to be a John

No one gets me
No one gets but you

From the album ‘Past Perfect Future Tense’ (2004) | | Song sample | | Return to album page