‘Pakket og klar’ Interview


Published: July 24, 2010
Media: Dagbladet’s ‘Magasinet’
Last Updated: August 16, 2014

There was an extensive portrait of Magne in the Saturday ‘Magasinet’ section of Dagbladet. Promo for the interview said, “An open Magne Furuholmen talks about life after a-ha and his serious illness.” The interview was titled ‘pakket og klar’, which translates to ‘packed and ready’.

You can order a copy of the magazine here. There are also page scans available to view online:

The fan site ‘a-ha fan cafe’ posted a full English translation of the feature in six parts:

  1. ‘I feel I have given all I had’
  2. ‘Maybe I’ll totally freak out when I’m 70?’
  3. Magne having attacks almost every night…
  4. ‘I like to share what I do discover, not myself’
  5. ‘I got noticeably vainer in my 40s’
  6. ‘…building everything from scratch’

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