Keyboard Player Interview

Keyboard Player

Date: September 2009
Media: Keyboard Player Magazine
Last Updated: August 16, 2014

In connection with a-ha’s UK promotion of ‘Foot of the Mountain’, Magne was featured in Keyboard Player Issue 0340. It is possible to order a digital copy of the article or a physical copy of the entire magazine.

The interview focuses on a-ha’s return to their synth roots with ‘Foot of the Mountain’, and rehashes much of the band’s early history – the move to London to get a break in music, their first hits and the effects of fame, etc. Two quotes from Magne in the interview:

I think the fact we’ve come full circle is because the most radical thing we could do at this point in time was re-examine and reintroduce the electronic sound of our outset back into the mis and see how that affects the future.


I think a-ha was always at its best when we could bring forth the melancholic sombre content but without the music feeling sombre; making it uplifting at the same time. That comes from the insistency and energy with which you perform the song. The content may be dark, but you should be seduced into it by the energy that’s being put out.

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