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Date: May 19-24, 2013
Location: Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Krakow, Vienna, Verona and Monaco!
Last Updated: January 12, 2014

Magne and his driving partner Einar Skjerven – together known as Skjerven Racing // Team 43 – participated in the Gumball 3000 road rally, and won the ‘Gumball Ambassadors’ prize at the conclusion of the race.

They started the race in a Ferrari, but unfortunately their gear box blew on the second day in Helsinki. Some attempts were made to repair the Ferrari, but in the end they had to abandon it and find a replacement – a Lada 1300 S (the sport model), which they bought in Warsaw for 700 euros.

The entire journey was documented by Magne and Einar on their Tumblr blog. Besides the Tumblr page, there are photos on Instagram and Flickr.

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The Ferrari ‘Black Beauty’ on the road in Sweden at 3:06:

Gumballada arriving at the ferry from Stockholm at 4:07:

A quick glimpse of Gumballada at the Krakow checkpoint:

Another video in Krakow at 1:02:

The cars arriving in Vienna – Gumballada is at 1:28:

Interview with Team 43 at 3:50:

Gumballada arriving at the finish line in Monaco:

This video shows the Gumball 3000 awards and party in Monaco, and Magne accepting the award for ‘Gumball Ambassadors’ can be seen at 2:40:


Visit the Team 43 Tumblr blog for pictures from the road. See also the photo gallery on the a-ha Facebook page.

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