Songs for Survival

Artist: Apparatjik
Released: October 13, 2008
Last Updated: August 16, 2014

Apparatjik started as a one-project band whose members are Magne Furuholmen, Martin Terefe, Jonas Bjerre from Mew and Guy Berryman from Coldplay. The band recorded a song called ‘Ferreting’ for the soundtrack of the Bruce Perry ‘Amazon’ television series which aired in the UK in 2008 on BBC. There are a lot of great songs on the album, the sale of which benefits Survival International.

The album is called ‘Songs for Survival’ and it has been digitally released on iTunes and Play.com; on Monday October 13, 2008 the CD was released to stores in the UK, including HMV, Zawi and Fopp. You can also order it from Amazon.

‘Ferreting’ was released as a radio only promo CD single. Click the track name below to hear a short sample.


CD1 – Amazon

01. Ferreting – Guy Berryman from Coldplay/Jonas from MEW/Magne from A-ha
02. Dawn Kinnard – Love is my new Drug
03. One People – Will I am from Black Eyed Peas feat. The Babongo Tribe
04. The Hidden Part – KT Tunstall
05. Long Road to Forgiveness – Jason Mraz and Brett Dennen
06. Grains of Sand – Mystery Jets and Jeremy Warmsley
07. Carrikfergus – Johnny Borrell feat. The Suri tribe
08. Tom Baxter – Make a Stand
09. Simmer Down – Skin and Adi tribe and Robot Club
10. Edge of Existence – Yusuf Islam

CD2 – Tribe

01. Babongo tribe remix – Hot Chip feat. The Babongo tribe
02. KIN – Adam Freeland feat the Suri tribe
03. Komuru – Hybrid feat. The Suri tribe
04. Trails and Tribulations – the egg feat the anuta and babongo tribes
05. Templates from home – The Go! Team feat. The Babongo tribe
06. Don’t touch the dusty fruit – The Ruby Suns feat. the Penan tribe
07. Hello Kombai – Blue States feat. Adi tribe
08. Evalina – Way Out West feat. The Suri tribe
09. Noneya – Roger Sanchez feat. The Adi tribe
10. Anuta song (name tbc) – Mike Oldfield


A fan named Izzy wrote to Kensaltown to ask for the lyrics of the song, and this was the reply she received:

“Here you go! Jonas from MEW sent me these to reply to your question. Here are the lyrics, or most of them”

In a train that goes really fast
Overtaking those trees at last
But we don’t care about that
We are not scared of it
Maybe I’ll see you again
Maybe I’ll trust in a friend

[Here is a line that Magne and Guy sing, not quite sure what the lyric is ]
I’ll wait until there’s you
[Magne and Guy line]
I’ll wait until there’s you

From a plane that flies really high
I can see the stars fill the sky
But we don’t care about that
We are not scared of it
Maybe I’ll see you again
Maybe I’ll trust in a friend

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Guy Berryman spoke about the single and Apparatjik on Coldplay.com:

Q: And you formed Apparatjik with Magne to make a song for the Amazon programme. How did that come about?

A: It was actually the idea of a mutual friend of ours, Martin Terefe, who’s a producer. We wrote and recorded that song in a very small studio in Copenhagen in about three hours, so we were quite surprised to see it being received so well. I haven’t even heard the final version of it. And I’m still not sure how the band name is pronounced!

Fan Content:

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