Electric Eye

Electric Eye

Artist: Apparatjik
Released: November 30, 2009
Last Updated: August 16, 2014

On 09/09/09, following a month of teasers and cryptic posts on Twitter and MySpace, Apparatjik launched their official web site. Together with a lot of digital Easter eggs, mazes, photos and audio clips, there was a challenge from Apparatjik:

“New Apparatjik Musik
el precio?
Your brain
4 films
1 every 2 weeks
you write the synopsis that connects them
connection demon
submit to eyeoncommitee@apparatjik.com
first approved = first track
el precio?
only your imagination”

After all four videos were up on the site, fans submitted their synopses to the eyeoncommittee, and on November 11 received the ‘Electric Eye’ track via e-mail as their reward. The single was then released as a free download on their web site on November 30.

In December, the single was made available as a vinyl 7″ together with an Apparatjik t-shirt from Moods of Norway.

Track List:

Side A – Antlers
Side AA – Electric Eye

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