Artist: Magne Furuholmen
Released: September 17, 2001
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Last Updated: July 14, 2013

Magne released the EP-single ‘Dragonfly’ (Oyenstikker) in Norway on September 17, 2001; the EP also features soundtrack music for the film of the same title. The film premiered during the Quart festival in Norway on July 6, 2001, and Magne performed ‘Dragonfly’ at the annual “Hit Awards” in Norway that September. Read more about this appearance here.

The song ‘Dragonfly’ was later included on the a-ha album, ‘Lifelines’, with Morten on vocals. The song was also performed live by a-ha during the third leg of the ‘Lifelines’ tour, with Magne on vocals. This live version was included on the limited edition of a-ha’s live album, ‘How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head’.

Click the track name to hear a 30 second song sample.


01. Dragonfly (3:39)
02. And now we are here (2:06)
03. Close your eyes (2:10)
04. Moths (0:53)
05. Swimming in silence (3:51)
06. One small glance across the shoulder (2:04)
07. All is changed (1:17)
08. This small favour that I ask (1:59)
09. Sleep (0:56)

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Excerpts from a-ha.com about media coverage of the movie and soundtrack:

  • Aftenposten: ‘Daring chamber play from Marius Host, with a rare power in its expression and with the ability to open up towards the audience.’ About the music: ‘The music switches between the bombastic and the detached; a suitable backdrop for the atmosphere all the way through. Magnificent. Vigorous. Good craftsmanship, with an experimental touch.’ Read more
  • Dagbladet: Dagbladet gives the film 5 out of 6 – ‘Simply successful.’ ‘Øyenstikker’ is Marius Holst’s first movie in seven years, but looking at it, you would think he hasn’t done anything else since ‘Ti kniver i hjertet’ opened in 1994.’ About the sound: ‘And if anybody should doubt that this is a thoroughly successful Norwegian movie: even the sound track is good.’ Read more
  • VG: ‘Tight drama.’ They write about the sound: ‘John Christian Rosenlund’s photo and Magne Furuholmen and Kjetil Bjerkestrand’s music contribute to a script that keeps the audience in a close grip.’ Read more
  • Info about ‘Øyenstikker‘ (Dragonfly): Filmguiden.no | | Filmweb.no

Fan Content:

More Info: a-ha Discography | | a-ha Diary | | ‘I’m beginning to see the light’

Fan Discussions/Info: West of the Moon | | German a-ha Forum

Excerpted facts from a-ha Diary about Dragonfly:

  • 07/05/2001 – Marius Holst and Maria Bonnevie (director and star of the film “Øyenstikker”) are interviewed on “Quart@NRK”. A few clips from the movie & soundtrack were shown. Øyenstikker premieres at Quart Festival during a closed media session which Magne attends.
  • 07/06/2001 – Øyenstikker is shown at Quart Festival in Kristiansand.
  • 09/08/2001 – An interview with Magne and Marius Holst is broadcast on the Norwegian TV show “God Kveld Norge” (TV2).
  • 09/14/2001 – Premiers of Marius Holst’s film “Øyenstikker” (Dragonfly), the film for which Magne and Kjetil wrote the music. Magne sings on the title track.
  • 09/15/2001 – Magne F performs “Dragonfly” at the annual “Hit Awards” (TV2) in Norway.
  • 09/17/2001 – Magne Furuholmen releases the single “Dragonfly” in Norway. This single features soundtrack music for the film of the same title. Film music composers, Magne F and Trond Bjaerknes are interviewed on “Nyhetsbikk” on Norwegian TV (TV2).


The single, the bittersweet ‘Dragonfly’, is as brittle as it is sweet. Magne Furuholmen’s slightly helpless way of singing suits the low-key, acoustic sound of the song. The bass line, the melody construction and the presentation resemble both U2 and a-ha.”
“The rest of the album is a more typical movie score composed by Timbersound (Kjetil Bjerkestrand and Furuholmen): sounds and musical sketches. The soundscape creates a distinct atmosphere, and it works well in the intended context. Dagbladet

“‘Dragonfly’ is not a record for restless rockers in need for heavy grooves, but is rather for those who have the time to sit down for 17 minutes and let the relaxing atmosphere of Furuholmen’s ‘Dragonfly’ recharge the batteries. This is a beautiful and melancholic release from Furuholmen, where the simple piano chords in the company of the tender brass instruments give a feeling of tranquility and inspiration. ‘Dragonfly’ reminds to an innocent ‘Radiohead’. Magne Furuholmen throws himself into a personal experiment on the title track – the one and only song on the album that includes vocals. His sensitive, uneven voice moves through an ocean of slide guitar, echo and fuzz and makes the song one of the best on the album.”
“(…) Together with a bottle of red wine and a blazing fire, it could easily become a favourite in the darkness of the autumn.” Bergenpuls


Official Video:

Magne performing ‘Dragonfly’ at HitAwards, September 2001:

Magne and Paul performing ‘Dragonfly’ in Oberhausen, September 2002: