Choreography of Sound

Choreography of Sound

Date:November 5, 2013
Location: Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany
Last Updated: November 29, 2020

Magne gave two presentations during the international symposium called “Choreography Of Sound – Between Abstraction and Narration” in Karlsruhe, Germany. The two day event was free and open to the public. The related update on Magne’s site can be found here.

Everybody Is A Composer
Art Slam with Magne Furuholmen
Tuesday, 5. November – 3:45 pm

Magne Furuholmen is an artist, musician, writer and performer (most notably from the now disbanded music group a-ha). In projects like “Everybody is a Composer” (Oslo National Museum) or “Cathedral Footsteps” (Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin) he examines the conditions of a space and the dynamics between performer and audience together with the artist-collective Apparatjik. Through audience participation, new compositions emerge as collective works of art. How does everyone become a composer? How does such a heterogeneous sound find its form? How does rhythm become image? This presentation takes the form of a dialogue with author and pop-expert Jenni Zylka.

Complicate Your Life
Magne Furuholmen
Tuesday, 5. November – 4:30 – 5:15 pm

– Decomposing and recomposing a pop song

Since Pete Townsend – inspired by his encounter with Gustav Metzger – in the 60’s made the destruction of instruments into a dramatic live gesture, destruction and decomposition have become as fundamental to rock music as its connection with visual art.

In Magne Furuholmens workshop the participants will experience how de- and re-constructing a pop song can create new meanings. By reconfiguring pop songs Furuholmen refers to the emergence of sampling in the 90’s that radically challenged questions of ownership and copyright.

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