This site is an archive of information about the Norwegian artist, musician, poet, producer and songwriter Magne Furuholmen. Here I have gathered information from many different sources and presented it in what I hope is a new and useful way. Very little here is original; the goal was not to create new or exclusive content about Magne, but to create one site as a portal to what is being published elsewhere online.

Originally launched on January 15, 2005, this site has gone through several versions, and is updated when I have time between other projects. There are many events and projects still missing; I plan to add them when time allows. However if you notice anything missing, or have anything to add to any of the pages here, feel free to contact me and let me know.

The information and photos on this site have been gathered from many different sources: official sites, fan sites and media; and individuals who have contributed information in order to improve the archive. See the Links page for a listing of relevant online sources I’ve used.

In addition, I’d like to thank the following people for providing help and information along the way: Caterina, Sue, Jakob, Julia, Alyssa, Eve, Carmen, Vicky, Evi, Suzie, Tiffany and Claire-Louise.