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February 2020

February 21

February 20

Hovedsaken i neste utgave, 1-2020 blir et portrettintervju med @magne_furuholmen , ført i pennen av Norges fremste…

Posted by FEELGOOD on Thursday, February 20, 2020

February 19

February 15

February 12

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hello cape town!

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February 11

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goodbye and thank you, dubai!

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February 10

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February 7

February 6

Norsk grafikk blir bevart for framtida!

Magne Furuholmen var den første biletkunstnaren som leverte frå seg trykk til Nasjonalbiblioteket etter ei ny avtale som skal sikre bevaring av norsk grafikk for ettertida – sjå det her! �Frå 1962 til 1980 hadde Norske Grafikere og Nasjonalbiblioteket ei avtale om deponering av grafikk i Nasjonalbiblioteket. Avtala blei fornya i samanheng med Norske Grafikeres 100-årsjubileum i 2019.– Avtala gir eit fint utgangspunkt for å bevare og formidle norsk grafikk. Verka kan bli brukt både til utstillingar og forsking. Det grafiske arkivet står i nær tilknyting til andre trykte dokument i samlinga til Nasjonalbiblioteket, seier seksjonsleiar ved Nasjonalbiblioteket, Arthur Tennøe.

Posted by Nasjonalbiblioteket on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I dagens Klassekampen kan du lese om den nye arkivordningen mellom Nasjonalbiblioteket og Norske Grafikere. Avtalen går…

Posted by Norske Grafikere on Thursday, February 6, 2020

February 2

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‪02022020‬ greetings madam, mom – and all other palindromic / cimordnilap beings! on this momentous day, the first on earth in almost 909 years, the eyeOn committee is offering unique opportunes: to parttake in the creation of the ‪02022020‬ futureologicless manifesto. humanoids have worked tirelessly for decades on grasping ideas unique to known parts of this yoUniverse, and today – on the 33rd day of the year, with 333 more days to go, the committee is ready to release the study findings of new developings in human interaction and languaging. level 1: I did, did I? it would appear that three basic skills are now needed to succeed in current of earthly endeavourings: fabrication of alternative fact, lyings and denial. we hereby offer you a chance to share with us any and all promisings you too do not intend to keep. in return we guarantee that we will also not never keep promises we make under the same section of the illuminous ‪02022020‬ manifesto. together we shall create an archive of the most striking examplings of efficient new earth languaging – samplings entirely free from problem of trues and falses. submit your empty promisings on apparatjik instagram profile, the newly designated forum for unkept such things. remember – although difficult to understand for most semi- or non-humans, these new communication technics can get you to the very topspot of the developing earth-world, and before you know it, you too can be president. on a clover, if alive, erupts a vast, pure evil; a fire volcano! no eye on end of communication.

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February 1

January 2020

January 31

Fortsatt en verdensstjerne, 35 år etter gjennombruddet. Han har opptrådd foran enorme folkemengder med A-HA, men blir aldri lei av det.

Posted by Bodø Nu on Friday, January 31, 2020

January 24

January 21

January 16

January 9

Petter Dass-dagene 11.-14. juni 2020Magne Furuholmen er festivalkunstner for Petter Dass-dagene 2020. Om sitt forhold…

Posted by Petter Dass-museet on Thursday, January 9, 2020

January 2

On Saturday's Imaginarium I'll be kicking off with a few records that feature family names in their titles, first off…

Posted by Rock Radio UK on Thursday, January 2, 2020

January 1

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